I've written a number of stories since around the 3rd grade. My earliest stories were bizarre and lost to time, such as The French Fry Bandit, but my biggest work so far has been Minority Isle, written by me at the age of 12. I had more since then but they were really technical and also lost. Did I mention these were all on Wattpad before? Yuck. Of course they never took off on the platform because of their nature, being based around action instead of romance, but now I have the power to bestow upon you a library of my works. This will be updated with new books which I may or may not be working on.

You can click on the image for the .pdf document. The sources are also provided in .odt format.


Willsome English Ewbook


Written by my friend Varad of and I, this is a guide to understanding, writing, and speaking Willsome English.

Supernatural Superjustice


A former Wattpad novel of mine that was never finished, also written in the 6th grade. Cringe warning.

Minority Isle


My biggest work so far, written at the age of 12. This story is like my personal Eye of Argon. Title is nonsensical. Cringe warning.