Hunter's Webstead


This will be where I put some of my favorite games and perhaps even ones I made.

What is Hunter's favorite game?

I predominantly lean towards Pikmin 2 for the Gamecube as being my favorite game ever made.

I, and maybe a million others at most in the US, were blessed to play the Pikmin series growing up. Whether it was the first or second, both are pretty good, but objectively speaking I think Pikmin 2 is a better version of the first game. Unlike most crash-and-burn series that come out of Nintendo (e.g F-Zero, PilotWings, ARMS), the Pikmin series has a lot of passion put into it and Miyamoto himself considers this his passion project. He even went as far as to call it the "new Mario" in an interview. The first Pikmin is a great game, it holds many of the same traits as its sequel (good music, good concept). But I think Pikmin 2 is the cream of the crop when it comes to the formula and it could have been expanded upon. Pikmin 3 failed to do this, completely scrapping the cave/dungeons idea entirely. The most unique thing about Pikmin 2 are the caves. These caves act like dungeons and large portions of them are randomly generated. This is literally procedural generation on the Gamecube! The game revolves around collecting treasures (that are real-life objects and brands) to save Captain Olimar and Louie's company from bankruptcy. The aforementioned caves give the game endless replay value because each time is slightly different. Pikmin 2 is literally that "Super Mario 64 is personalized" meme. Besides the core gameplay, Pikmin 2 has the best soundtrack I've ever heard.

Every Pikmin game has dynamic music, but this one has the most tracks out of all of them because different cave levels have dedicated songs. There's also a growing modding community for it, in fact it's the most popular out of the three games to make hacks for so it's like the Super Mario 64 of Pikmin. For all these reasons, this game is my favorite. I would like to dive into modding for this game myself.