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Welcomen to þæt hub þes Willsum English

Welcome to the hub of Willsome English!

What is Willsome English?

Willsome English is a dialect of English I created along with my friend Varad of willso.me. As a former Anglishman, I thought I could go further than Anglish. I had to do what was right as one of the few "freedompilled". What does this mean exactly? It means I realized that our very language, which happens to be the lingua franca of the world, has been corrupted in such a way it's essentially Newspeak. Regardless of whether it's French or Norse influence, the point is they're both as bad. Willsome English is the solution. This is the language in the way of the Anglo-Saxons, and it should serve as a flagship for speakers of other languages to do the same if needed. You can read more about the specifics in the Willsome English Ewbook.

A lot of what has been said so far is full of vocabulary and grammar that was brought into the language by wrongful force. Even the font used here is "unwillsome". Willsome English literally means "Voluntary English", with "willsome" coming from the native word from Old English "wilsum", and Willsome English is the language in its healthiest state. Setting the philosophy aside, Willsome English is also a lot of fun. The reason my website is often called "Hunter's Webstead" is because this is perfectly willsome. "Website" contains French influence.

This deal (part) of my website should hold helpful resources for the Willsome English beginner and lots of wendings (translations) of mine.

How about the same thing as above translated?

Willsum English is one bytung of English ic made along wiþ mye freend Farada þes willso.me. Ic þawt æs one former Anglishman, ic cooþ go ferþer þan Anglish. Ic hæd to doen wat was rite æs one of þe few "freedompilled". Wat doþ þis meanen alsuc? It meaneþ ic fulcame þæt ure swiþ tung, wic biþ ure worldtung, hæs ben sorelic filed to were it's pretty muc Newspeak. Deemles of weþer it's Frenc or Wicing sway, þæt ord is hie bist boþe efil. Willsum English is þæt key. Þis is þæt tung in þæt way þes Englesexes, and it shood þanen æs one faneship for speakers þes oþer tungs to doen þæt same if needed. Þue can readest more abute þoe sundry deals in þæt Willsum English Ewbook.

All þæt was sayed abuf is full of words and speececræft þæt was brawt into þæt tung by wueful þrake. Even þæt stæfkinde brooked is "unwillsome". Willsum English stæflic meaneþ wat it sayeþ, wiþ "willsum" coming from þæt same eþelword þes Old English, and Willsum English is English in its helþiest hoad. Setting þæt uþewitting aside, Willsum English also biþ muc mirþ. Þæt inting my webstead is often called "Hunter's Webstead" is forþæt þis biþ flawleslic willsum. "Website" holdeþ Frenc sway.

Þis deal of my webstead shood holde helpful bits for þoe Willsome English beginners and lots of wendings þes mine.